Branding for DizajniraOna Interior Design Studio

Branding for DizajniraOna Interior Design Studio

The well-thought-out brand design ensures the recognizability of a new product or company in an increasingly competitive market. In support of this, we present our new client!

She draws, advises, and designs. She is DizajniraOna – brand new interior design studio recently opened by the wonderful Anita Bićanić.

She combined her knowledge and many skills and ventured into entrepreneurial waters. Every successful beginning starts with successful branding. Anita left the design of the visual identity and the creation of the website to us. We designed a logo that is guided by refined minimalism, while the business cards reveal the luxury and taste of this designer.

Take a look at her designs on DizajniraOna website.


  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Logo design


  • DizajniraOna
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