Branding for Tourist Accommodation Šulina

We often encounter branding in tourism as a term, without necessarily being aware of the impact of branding when it comes to the accommodation itself, or of possibilities it offers for owners of tourist apartments, rooms, and guesthouses.
Our client recognized the importance of branding for her accommodation service and products offered to her guests. Through the branding process, we have achieved recognizability of her service and products, whose visual identity, packaging, communication style, and core content work together seamlessly. Our logo design solution took the form of a unique circular shape containing an illustration of her house, tree, sea, and sun, reminiscent of a beach vacation and a relaxing holiday.
Along with the brand name and logo design, we created a packaging design for olive oil and Kantarion (St John’s wort) cream. Each guest will be gifted a bottle of homemade olive oil which will take them back to the summer moments spent in Krk. Additionally, we have designed business cards that many will be happy to keep and spread the word about the idyllic holiday in Krk.


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