Art of Bar

Art of bar is a team that brings together fans but above all mixology professionals. Art of bar is a unique concept that includes bartender education, bar management, design and bars equipping, workshops and event cocktail catering.

The founder Filip Lipnik is a visionary with a great passion for new discoveries. He is currently one of Zagreb’s authorities in the world of bartenders and cocktails. With over 15 years working experience in the most prestigious bars, he regularly won first places on the list of the best bars in Zagreb with his cocktail menu.

At the Art of Bar Academy, many top bartenders began their careers. Each student became part of the growing family.
They all have a few similarities such as a distinctive dress code, professionalism and an incredible passion for cocktails. Their constant exploration of flavors always leads to the creation of new signature cocktails.

From the beginning of 2020, we are a proud part of this team. In addition to marketing and community management, we organized filming for social media content. We did the whole art direction and involved a few talented people which is why these photos are so good.

(Photo: Ernest Mazarekić, Art direction: Može design, Style: Gabrijela Krešić)


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