Blend bar

Blend Bar is a new place on the Zagreb cocktail scene. The experience of famous bartender Filip Lipnik resulted in opening his own bar.

Filip Lipnik Blend bar

We followed the whole story from scratch of the idea to what is becoming the Blend bar – a place with quality cocktails, good music, and a very friendly staff.

Name Blend

The Blend bar was opened in July 2021 at Gundulićeva 33. The name “BLEND” refers to the concept and technique of blending, i.e. mixing. Mixtures of alcohol or coffee and the whole mixing of philosophy, interior style, drinks, music, and guests.

Interior design

Nikola Pavlinić from Ruan Studio is responsible for the interior design. His idea of ​​a blend of the modern and baroque styles was the initial inspiration for designing of the visual identity.

Logo design

The idea for the logo design comes from Victorian-style ornaments. Imitating the ornaments, we came to the serifs that adorn the letter B. In contrast to the serif, we used a playful sans-serif typography.

Blend bar logotype


The predominant color in the interior is black which is introduced with a specific shade of pink. The door and ceiling of the bar are painted pink, while all other elements are black. We also added a Persian carpet to the staircase which is actually a designed sticker.

Social network

We also wanted to use this color combination as a motif for the Instagram feed. The profile consists of photos of bartenders, cocktails, coffee, interior, and guests, all in a nice blend with an emphasis on aesthetics and feeling good. The texts of the announcements suggest a friendly atmosphere and introduce the audience to the main bartenders, offers and events. Blend bar is truly a special place, maximally personalized for each guest. If you come once, you will definitely come back again.


  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Social media management
  • Print dizajn
  • Fotography


  • Blend Bar
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