Branding Hortus Des Landscape Design Studio

Branding is like a promise you give to your customers. Guided by this, we have created a whole new brand for our client, a new promise. New landscape design studio.
Landscape architect Tomislav Grgić finally decided to open an independent landscape architecture studio. He left all branding to us: designing the company name, logo design, and the overall visual identity. Our copywriter came up with the name HORTUS DES. Hortus Des originated as a combination of the word Hortus (lat. Garden) and the abbreviated word Design. Des in Latin means “to give.” By wordplay, the name Hortus Des (‘’to give a garden’’) was created. The idea for the logo design came from the tree rings, combined with the usage of green and brown. The visual identity conveys a story of love for nature and shaping the landscape. With its contours and subtle suggestion, Hortus Des presents a young scene of landscape architecture!

We believe that our Tomislav can now make a great promise in the form of a perfectly designed garden.

(Copywrite: Luka Brnić, Design: Može design)


  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Visual identitiy


  • Hortus Des
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