Hren Winery

Hren Winery is a family winery from Međimurje. The vineyards are located just above Terme Sveti Martin, a famous wine-growing region. It is a fairytale landscape with an altitude of 173 m where on sunny days the view reaches all the way to Austria. This sunny micro-location provides perfect conditions for growing quality grapes. Hren Winery offers varietal wines such as Sauvignon, Moscato Giallo, Pinot Gris, and Dorotea cuvée. There is no doubt about the quality since they won gold for the annual wine evaluation. Last year, the winery decided to make a logo design and new labels for bottles. When designing the logo, we were guided by the idea of ​​tradition infusion with contemporary minimalism.

A good drop is often synonymous with good wine. The droplet represents a smaller part of the whole in which is contained all essence. Everything we know started with a drop, the world started with a drop. That’s why we wanted to implement it in the logo design. We create the letter h which turns into a droplet at its ends. A golden drop is like the color of Hren wine.

The design of the wine packaging is very simple, refined. The narrow white label contains only the name of the wine, year, location, and logo, while the other side contains other important information. The logo and the wine sort are made with gold hot- foil print. In the next few years, the winery’s plan is to establish new sales channels such as a webshop, reconstruct and expand the existing wooden building and offer new, biodynamic wines in limited quantities that will maintain the philosophy of the winery itself –  combination of modern trends and traditions.


  • Graphic design
  • Branding
  • Package design
  • Photography


  • Hren winery
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