Sol Home real estate

Sol Home is a new luxury real estate agency. The main advantage of their properties is the sea view, on the sunny Croatian coast.

Sol Home

The name SOL HOME comes from the Latin word Sol (sun) and Home (home). Because most of the properties are located on the coast where the annual number of sunny days is over 150. We wanted to highlight the main advantages of the new real estate agency with the name, colors, and logo design.

Logo design

The logo design is descriptive but stylized. It consists of rounded lines of equal thickness which form the house, the sun, and the sea. The combination of blue and gold makes a difference between these elements. It is possible to use the logo in positive and negative versions. The typography is sans serif, also rounded. Below the logo, we added the text Real Estate Croatia, since the agency is directed toward the foreign market.

Sol Home web

On the Sol home website, you can find all properties with associated prices, information, and photo galleries. The web is dominated by the basic colors of the brand, where yellow/gold has the role of accentuating elements, while blue is the background and main color.

Considering the competition in the scene of real estate agencies on the coast, we can already see that Sol Home will have a lot of success in business.


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