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An eco-friendly lifestyle and finding organically grown materials is a new imperative for a sustainable future. Everyday materials, more importantly, materials that we wear on our skin.

Organic cotton

Cotton is the most spread textile fiber and more than 70% of production is cotton. With new technologies and eco-friendly worldviews, cotton is being produced without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the so-called ORGANIC COTTON. Organic cotton is the seed of the original plants, which means that it is not genetically modified, and all the means that are added in the cultivation process are of organic origin and environmentally friendly. This method of cultivation produces material for making textiles without harmful toxins that could irritate the skin, and since the manufacturing process does not include bleaching, dyeing, and softening of the material with various chemicals, clothes sewn from organic cotton can last up to 5 times longer than garments made of conventional materials.

Organsji pamuk

Swanky Monkey Clothing

The team from Swanky Monkey Hostel recognized the value of organic cotton and decided to establish a clothing brand that was sewn exclusively from organic cotton. Before the brand was developed, it was important to collect certifications such as OCS (Organic Content Standard) and PETA which indicates that no animal products are involved in the process of creating these materials.

 While branding Swanky Monkey Clothing, we wanted to create a feeling of natural, organic, and ecological. Because of that, we used mint green. The logo comes from the factory on which the Swanky Monkey hostel was built. A shortened version of the logo is SMC which is also the main recognizable motiv used on clothing. We designed T-shirts with the characteristic central position of the logo. The logo is sewn with thread to make the shirt last longer, no matter how many times you wash it.Organski pamuk brend We have designed key colors of organic cotton that will be used in all products – off-white, black, and mint green. The products that will be in the first summer unisex collection are T-shirts, tote bags, and bucket hats.

SMC Kids

In addition to clothes for adults, we also designed a line for the youngest. The characteristic motif of Swanky Monkey – monkey, is made in camouflage – lilac color for girls and camouflage – green for boys.

Swanky Monkey Clothing Kids Those T-shirts are also made of organic cotton and exclusively in white, which is ideal for hot summer days.

Eco-friendly lifestyle

By buying organic cotton products, you take care of yourself, your health, but also the environment. You support the green industry and toxic-free cultivation and production. Although the differences between organic and conventional cotton, at first glance, may seem small, we all know that small things make a difference. These are just the beginnings for the SMC brand, and we have a long way to go to standardize the use of organic materials and eco-friendly life. We believe in this story, and you see for yourself.


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