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Domain Hosting

Domain registration is a process in which you get the right to use a certain domain for a certain period of time. Web hosting is a service that allows you to host site data on a server that is connected to the Internet.

Responsive Web

Due to the development of various device sizes, web responsiveness is a crucial feature in web design today. The content, design, and performance must be as similar as possible when viewed for better user experience and ease of use of the website.

Multimedia optimization

An equally important role in the overall experience of a website is its page speed. Optimizing graphics for the web means reducing the output size of image files with as little loss of quality as possible.

WordPress Theme

WordPress offers an abundance of website themes, and our mission is to provide you with a user-friendly final product that best fits your business goals. It is suitable for smaller companies, family businesses, holiday homes, and tourist accommodation, etc. Using this theme is very simple and makes it easy to do business and update data because you can do everything yourself anywhere you are. We are always ready to suggest content that would improve your content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) tips. Acquiring a domain and hosting, as well as using an additional secure SSL / TLS protocol, is our job. The offer includes an unlimited number of subpages, as many as you need.

Price: from 4.200,00 HRK

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Custom WordPress Theme

This option is ideal if you have special wishes and ideas for your new design or redesign of an old website. It is a combination of an already existing theme and the programming of changes and additions. That way, you can get a functional website that is tailored specifically for you and your business. This website design package handles all your requirements within WordPress. In addition to the basic optimization of your content, we also make a custom look for each segment of the website.All your wishes are our commands.The offer includes an unlimited number of subpages, as many as you need.

 Price: from 6,000 HRK

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HTML web

HTML and CSS are the meta-languages that form the basis of any web technology. They define the structured content of the website (HTML) and the way of presentation within the browser (CSS). Our web designers and developers allow you to create a unique coded website.

Why an HTML website?

Pages like this are unique and designed just for you.

Mobility of approach and perfect responsiveness.

High page speed.

Better search engine positioning.

Possibility of centralized, server-controlled archiving.

Price: from 10,000 HRK

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Web shop

If you are a store-owner, the creation of a webshop is an indispensable moment in your online presence. Most stores are witnessing a high increase in traffic through online shopping. The webshop is most often done in WordPress CMS, using the popular online shopping platform WooCommerce. The webshop usually contains a list of products for sale that are divided into categories, followed by product descriptions, pictures, prices, payment and terms of delivery, the possibility of adding products to the wish list, etc. In addition to cash on delivery, there is also the possibility of direct payment in the webshop (payment gateways).

 Price: from  7,500 HRK

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